Pool Surrounds

Pool Surrounds

If you are in Sydney and looking for pool surrounds design, don’t hesitate to call Home Landscaping for expert advice. We can help in all sphere. A swimming pool can be a great addition to your property that not only will enhance the curb appeal but will also add value. Whether your home is a rustic style or a modern architectural masterpiece, today’s options in patio and building materials allow your pool to easily complement the architecture of your property.

Below are some of the ideas to consider if you want your pool area to be inviting, nurturing and beautiful.

Lighting – Adding lighting creates a beautiful perspective in the pool area long after the sun goes down. The lighting helps highlight the water and surrounding foliage to create a beautiful atmosphere to enjoy and entertain guests in the evenings.

Water Features – A well-designed water feature running into your pool is a great addition to any pool, and depending on the style can add sophistication or a tropical oasis type environment to your outdoor area. They don’t just have to be limited to your pool itself – you can add water features in the surrounding landscape to enhance the overall experience of your outdoor space.

Trees & Plants – Trees and plants keep your pool surrounds refreshing and relaxing, and can help provide privacy to your pool area. There is no better way to make your pool area the ultimate water getaway in your own backyard.

Choosing the right plants and the right spots can be tricky, so it might be best to consult a professional landscaper to ensure the best results.

Fire Pit – A fire pit near your pool area can make a beautiful centre point for entertaining and relaxing in the evenings. Water and fire together help create a unique and nurturing environment that will be enjoyed for many years to come.

Daybeds and Gazebos – Perfect for people who enjoy lounging by the pool with a book during the day, gazebos create a comforting and relaxing atmosphere to unwind and relax.

Decking – Plain concrete is not always the most appealing material to surround your swimming pool with. Bare feet are the norm around a swimming pool, so it is important to select the right material to avoid any slipping accidents and a material that dissipates heat effectively.

Fencing – Pool fencing is critical if you have a young family to avoid any accidents. If you live in a suburban area then fencing can also add to the privacy of your pool. If you want pool fencing that can provide the function you need without sacrificing on style, we would be happy to help.

Are you looking for custom designed ideas for your Sydney’s pool? We would be able to help you. Call us on 0417 417 400 to request your design consultation.

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